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How to contact the Guardian and Observer

This article is more than 13 years old

How to contact people and departments at the Guardian, Observer and the Guardian website.

All customer service queries must go through customer service to ensure that we can respond to you, see below for Customer Service details.

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Back issues and circulation

For information on ordering a back issue of the Guardian, click here.

If your query concerns UK distribution or retail supplies please contact business.information@theguardian.com. Otherwise all Customer Service queries must go through Customer Service, visit our Help centre for contact details for your region.

Advertisers, sponsorship and e-commerce

To find out more about all advertising and sponsorship opportunities in the Guardian and the Observer, and the Guardian website, click here.

If you have a question or concern about an advert on the site please report the problem here.

Press office

If you are a journalist with a media inquiry, please visit the press office page for the relevant contact information.

Freelance contributions

If you would like to contribute freelance content, please ensure you have read our Contributors’ guide.

Story pitches should be sent to the relevant editorial department, as listed above.

Any queries you have relating to the freelance charter, or other terms and conditions for the supply of content to GNM, should be directed to our Rights department at rights@theguardian.com

Employment and work experience

If you are interested in working for Guardian News and Media, please see our dedicated careers site at theguardian.com/workforus. All current work experience and internship schemes are detailed on this site under the “Other opportunities” heading.

Content distribution and syndication

For permission to re-publish Guardian or Observer content, or acquire a licence to re-distribute our content, please visit our Syndication website.

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